Contact Systems Assets Sale Announcement

On July 28, 2009 Versatec, LLC acquired the assets of Contact Systems, Inc which included all intellectual property and inventory for Contact Systems products.

Versatec is the only service center for repair and remanufacturing of Contact Systems Through hole and SMT equipment, including CS-400 Cut and Clinch Component Locator and SMT Contact 3 and C5 lines and accessories, authorized by the manufacturer and will maintain the spare parts stock levels, Contact Systems customers have been accustomed to.

Versatec adopts the Contact Systems “Warranty and Service Plan Policy” originally introduced in April 2007. Please click here to see complete details of the warranty and service contract policies.

Versatec has the capability and permission to manufacture new Contact Systems SMT and Through hole equipment, namely the advanced C5 series SMT pick and place machines and the ever popular CS-400E semi-automatic Cut and Clinch Component Locator machine featuring UltraClinch technology.

was founded by Greg Pompea, former VP of Engineering at Contact Systems. For more information about Versatec or questions regarding your service contract please submit your questions in email form to or visit website

Versatec is a manufacturer and re-manufacturer of Contact Systems equipment.

As a rule, all remanufactured machines from Versatec will have all of the latest upgrades in both hardware and software. Entire assemblies are removed from the machine and rebuilt and tested to the documented OEM specifications.

Versatec offers for sale a limited number of factory certified, pre-owned Through-Hole and SMT machines.


CS-400E Component Locator (Semi-Automatic Inserter)

Component Locator Inserter with Rotary Bin Contact Systems CS-400E

Contact Systemas CS-400E is a semi-automatic insertion machine for radial, axial, and multi-leaded through-hole electronic components for PCB assembly. that cuts and clinches the component leads automatically as they are inserted.

Versatec offers the new and remanufactured CS-400E Component locators, accessories. multiple component delivery solutions, training, spare part and customer support.

SMT Placement machines





C5First Gen

C5d First Gen


3S Contact Systems SMT Placement machine
3Z  Contact Systems SMT Placement machine
C5 Contact Systems SMT Placement machine
C5d Contact Systems SMT Placement machine


Split axis, with 2 placement heads, 2 spindles per head

1 head, 4 spindles

2 heads, 8 spindles

Max Placement Rate, CPH






Range of Components

0402 (1005) 2" x 2" (51mm x 51mm)

0201 thru 2.4" x 2.4", 61mm sq

0201 to 75mm square and 100mm x 50mm rectangular

0201 to 75mm square and 13mm high

Feeder capacity

80-100 (depend on machine configuration) 8mm tape feeders

100 x 8mm feeders

192 x 8mm feeders

128 x 8mm feeders

Min Lead Pitch

20 mil (5 mm)

12 mil (3 mm)

Centering Method

Strobe backlighting

Strobe backlighting and optional strobe frontlighting for bottom leaded devices